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Polyprotec® Binders

Although Polyprotec® has existed for some time this material is definitely the way of the future

Compiled of carbon and hydrogen, it is produced without any dangerous emissions and can be recycled, incinerated or disposed of in landfill sites with no harm to the environment.

POLYPROTEC contains no plasticizers or heavy metals, is chemically stable (inert) and gives off only water vapour and carbon dioxide when burnt.

POLYPROTEC is durable, will withstand tearing and is resistant to water, most chemical products, oils and greases.

When POLYPROTEC is creased it undergoes a change in its molecular structure which increases the materials resistance to mechanical stress.

This product is a registered trade name held by Inform Plastics Ltd.

High Performance
Environmentally Friendly Material
Strong and Reliable
Vast Range of Colours & Finishes
Translucent Option
Any Size up to A3
Screen or Litho Printing
Matching Tabs & Index Sets
All Capacities Available
Customisation - Tailor Made